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Best-Selling Telescopes

Our best-selling telescopes offer a range of options no matter what your price point. Read below to find out what option is best for you and your family.
Under $200
This is a perfect range if you want to get your feet wet in astronomy, or to introduce astronomy to someone else. The price is right to get a simple telescope that will provide excellent views of the cosmos. Just be warned – once you get that first telescope, you'll quickly want to get another one!

These are telescopes that are extremely portable, with small mirror sizes (typically around 2 inches) to get a closer view of planets, moons and other objects in the sky. In some cases, if you prefer not placing the mount on the ground, you can even put the telescope on a table with the included mount.

While these telescopes are great introductions to the sky, you can expect that the price point will make your view modest. For bigger mirrors (read: sharper views of the sky) or more capable mounts, you should move a little higher up the scale.

$200 to $400
At this price range, the telescope mounts and options start to get fancier. Schmidt-Cassegrains, a kind of telescope that offer nearly equal views of planets and galaxies, start to become available. And if you want more detailed views of the night sky, large reflectors begin to appear.

This is an excellent option if you have a beginner's knowledge of astronomy and want to get more familiar with the sky, seeing objects in even more detail. If you prefer having an experienced guide show you around, you can even buy computerized telescopes in this price range, which include an internal database of stars and other night-sky objects.

While the mirrors are larger, and there are computer systems available, astronomers looking for high-quality optics and deep sky views will probably want to spend a little more money. The mirrors get bigger, allowing for more light to be gathered in the telescope, and the databases in the computer systems become more accurate as you are prepared to spend more.

$400 and Above
This is where you're really serious about astronomy. The computerized telescopes come with more features (ability to program, for example). The mirrors start to get quite large, generally six inches and up. This allows you to get a nice view of the sky without entering the professional telescope price range.

Making a purchasing decision is more complex here, but you can be assured that each of these telescopes is a worthy choice. If you're planning to look for a lot of challenging objects, we recommend a computerized telescope. Deep-sky objects are best viewed with reflectors, while for portability and all-around versatility, we’d recommend trying Schmidt-Cassegrains.

These telescopes offer the “best in breed” for astronomy and portability, but understand that as you are prepared to spend more, the quality of your skywatching experience increases. If you invest in equipment such as computers and eyepieces, you will have a range of options for looking at the sky – no matter what your main interest.

Whatever your desire for astronomy – to introduce somebody new to the field, or to get an even better view of the sky yourself – there is a telescope available in these best-sellers for you to buy. What's more, you can be more confident in the customer service and support from brands of best-selling telescopes.

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