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Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter


Quick Overview

For the Trekkie who's got it all, or almost, comes the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter. This Star Trek kitchen gadget is a faithful replica of the Enterprise's famous oval-shaped primary hull, but its mission is to cut pizza. This cool kitchen collectible features:

  • Stainless steel blade with 4-inch diameter
  • Rounded zinc alloy, chromium-plated saucer housing for the cutting wheel
  • Zinc alloy, chromium-plated body hull with three handles
  • Total length of 7 inches and weight of about 12 ounces

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A Collectible With Functionality

The officially licensed Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is a collectible for Trekkies to set aside as a memento, then get another one for cutting pizza – not just because the Star Trek kitchen gadget is a cool replica of the Galaxy-class starship, but because it cuts so well.

A Replica of the Main Components

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is a ThinkGeek design. It builds on the original Enterprise 1701 cutter by replicating the oval-shaped primary hull design of the starship more faithfully. The round blade angles out of an elliptical saucer housing to form an oval between the two. The rest of the Star Trek kitchen gadget also looks like it's ready to propel to other galaxies after it does its kitchen duties.

  • "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D" is laser-etched on the front of the saucer.
  • The connection between the saucer and cutter resembles the main bridge and shuttle bay of the Federation starship.
  • The handle grips consist of the two Enterprise warp engine nacelles or energy-propulsion pods.
  • Grips connect to the main handle, which is a replica of the starship's secondary hull.
  • The grip handle resembles the connecting pylons of the Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

Great at Cutting Pizza

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is more than a trophy collectible. The cutting wheel boldly slices through pizza dough, cheese, toppings and sauce, gliding on its axis as smoothly as the Federation flagship Enterprise moved among the stars.

You can grip the pizza cutter securely to keep the cutting wheel on target through a slice. The secondary hull rests against the palm of your hand as you grip the warp engine nacelles between your fingers and thumb. You don't have to put your weight into the Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter to cut a pizza into the traditional eight triangular slices or any other shapes.

A Durable & Stylish Kitchen Gadget

The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is all metal, so it is rugged and durable. Its shape and finish also go well with any kitchen decor, whether Trekkie-themed or just gourmet-equipped. This Star Trek kitchen gadget will last you a long time, and you'll want to keep the Galaxy-class pizza cutter on display and show it off to company or at parties.

  • Stainless steel slicer has a dual-sided, precision-honed cutting edge
  • Warp engine nacelle handle grips attach to the connecting pylons with two screws
  • Secondary hull, bridge and shuttle-bay saucer are milled as one piece
  • Chromium plating on the zinc alloy body gives the Star Trek Enterprise a shiny, mirrored finish

This collectible Star Trek pizza cutter is a faithful, well-constructed replica of the Federation-owned, Starfleet-operated USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D from "Star Trek: The Next Generation." It is both stylish and functional. As this is an officially licensed Star Trek collectible, you may want two Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutters – one for your showcase, and one for your kitchen counter.